Audition for professional Male and Female Dancers for the 2020-22 seasons.

Contracts from August 2020


We are looking for exceptional talents with good physique and strong classical ballet and modern technique.

Age: over 20 to 30 Max (No exceptions).

Creative dancer, highly motivated, serious attitude, commitment to job.

Professional experience in a recognized company is an advantage.

These are open auditions, no videos required or a solo presentation.

This season we offer two audition possibilities:

International Audition in Berlin 7-8th March 2020:

Kamea will hold its international audition in Berlin in “DANZAAR Festival”, a new international auditions festival held in Berlin 7-9th March 2020 organized by “e-performa”.

First call (Open Audition):  Saturday 7.3.20, 9:30-18:00,  Ballet class and repertoire workshops.

Second call for finalists: Sunday 8.3.20, 10:00-18:00,  Personal Interviews.

For registrations please send kamea.audition@gmail.com

the following:

There is no admission fee to the audition thanks to the generous cooperation of “e-performa”. We will finalize your regestration with an invitation letter.

For additional information about the festival workshops please contact:


Final date for registration: 29th February 2020.

AUDITION in ISRAEL at the company’s home in Beer Sheva, Friday 13.3.20 . 

The open in Israel is on Friday 13.03.2020 from 09:30-15:00. We also welcome International dancers  to join it.

International finalists must attend the personal interviews on Sunday 15.03.20 from 10:00-16:00 or their candidacy will be pulled back. This is because we cannot hire dancers for a full time job and relocations without getting to know each other and discussing the work environment in length.


If you are interested in dancing in Kamea Dance Company and decided to attend the audition: 

1. Download and print the application form, fill it , and insert a headshot photo (right top), scan it and e-mail to kamea.audition@gmail.com

 2. Attach a full resume (in “word” format or PDF).

3. Registration fee should be paid at our front desk 30 NIS on the day of the audition only in cash.

We will confirm your registration at the end of the above process: you will get a final invitation letter via e-mail.