We returned from an intensive tour of Europe – April 22 that won great success!


At the beginning of April 22 we set for an intensive tour of Europe. The tour opened with Tamir Ginz’s latest work “Rage” which was performed in the city of Belfort in France as part of a prestigious dance series. This was the company’s first appearance in France and the feedback from the audience was wonderful.

The company continued to Leverkusen for rehearsals of “Matthaus Passion 2727” which was staged with a full musical production in partnership with the L’arte del Mondo Orchestra under the musical direction and conducting of Werner Ehrhardt, The singers of the Wuppertal Choir Kantorei Barmen Gemarke and Vox Bona Choir from Bonn.

Tamir Ginz’s revolutionary choreography for “The Passion” by J.S. Bach has won outstanding reviews in Israel and abroad and is usually performed around the world with recorded music. The great energy of partnership that empowered the whole international cast moved from the stages to the audience. The sense of devotion and friendship grew throughout tour.

The huge production with the 120 participants, dancers, musicians, singers and soloists, was staged in the major cultural halls in Leverkusen, Wuppertal, Aschaffenburg, Furth and Miningen. The tour was signed as the highlight of Germany’s national Bach Festival. All the performances were received with never-ending applause, as audiences rose to their feet, stomped enthusiastically (German custom) and cheered the dancers, musicians and singers.

Tamir Ginz was invited to open the “Good Friday” concert at the Bonn Church with an artist’s lecture. Ginz shared with the audience his legacy as a son of the Holocaust survivor which endured the concentration camps, he spoke of how he leveraged his legacy for the message of brotherhood and peace in the choreography of “Matthaus Passion 2727”. Following Ginz’s introduction the orchestra and the City Choir performed Matthaus Passion as images of videos and footage from the company’s show were projected above the church altar.

“You are 1000 good Christians who came to the church for Easter and I am in front of you, One Jew on German soil for pessach, excited to speak before you …”, Ginz began.

The company is expected to tour internationally with “Rage” and “Matthaus Passion 2727” next season in 22-23.