Kamea Dance Company won amazing success in Mexico and Switzerland

We were invited to Mexico in collaboration of the two major festivals “Cervantino” and “Santa Lucia” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Mexico, with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Mexico.

The tour began in the city of Guanajuato, which hosts the Cervantino International Festival celebrating its 50th anniversary. 2000 of the worlds’ leading artists from 30 countries participate in Cervantino in theater, opera, dance, music and visual arts. “Matthaus Passion 2727” appeared on the stage of the magnificent theater in the city and was a great success, the honorable ambassador of Israel in Mexico Zvi Tal and his wife Irit and the directors of the festival honored us at the show. The national television filmed the performance and it will be broadcast in Mexico on the state channel and in other countries with the approval of the rights from the choreographer Tamir Ginz.

The troupe continued to the central city of Guadalajara where in an ancient and magnificent theater the enthusiastic audience did not stop applauding the dancers and the choreographer. The media in Mexico covered the tour intensively in newspapers, on radio and television websites.

An extraordinary evening full of excitement was at our last show in Mexico in the city of Monterrey on the US border, in a special outdoor stadium built for the Santa Lucia Festival in the city square.  “RAGR” by Tamir Ginz was performed for an audience of 3000 people on a huge stage, supported with video screens. The show was broadcasted live by state television throughout Latin America. Nonstop standing ovation and then we got tens of praises and messages on our social media, the governor of Mexico tweeted praising Kamea on his Twitter, dozens of articles were published in the media and raving reviews. Festival president Lorena Canavati thanked kamea warmly from the stage.  Tiago Morales, a great dancer and currently artistic director of Ballet Monterrey came on stage to praise the choreography, Israel’s cultural attaché Tal Yitzhakov represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at all the events on behalf of the embassy in Mexico.

“Rage” continued for another performance in Europe at the National Theater of Switzerland in the city of Schaffhausen, one of the most prestigious cultural halls in Europe. Again the audience was moved and highly touched by this astonishing work.