LEGENDS – our new evening featuring master pieces by Marco Goecke and Johan Inger is praised by the press and audiences alike!

We were thrilled to hear that the German choreographer Marco Gocke, has won the German Prize for Dance 2022! The award committee noted his innovative contribution to the international dance world and that in addition to his unique movement-writing signature he developed and maximized the dancers’ abilities throughout his choreography process, Goecke’s work is performed around the globe in major dance companies from the US – Australia – South America to Europe. We are proud to be the home for his creations in Israel.

Goecke’s acclaimed work “THIN SKIN” is presented in our new evening LEGENDS alongside Johan Inger’s highly acclaimed “RAIN DOGS”. Inger, too, is an international star.

The two works are inspired by rock-punk music: Goecke by Patti Smith and Inger by Tom Waits. The two rock legends serve as a common rhythmic ground for brilliant choreography and virtuosity from two completely different worlds. The dancers are called for virtuosity and precision which is characteristic of the style of these two choreographers.

The critics praise:

“This evening of the Kamea dance company is going to be a landmark in the troupe’s path. It was an impressive evening that included strong work in excellent performance … Bravo!”, Ora Brofmann, Dance Talk, 13.03.2022

“It is impossible not to be amazed by the abilities of the dancers of the Kamea dance company and the choice of two of the best choreographers in the world to work with the Israeli troupe.”, Adir Finkelstein, Mamul, 23.03.2022

“Highly recommended … The special movement language and excellent performance, put this dance with the same single dances that are etched in memory.”

(On Marco Gocke)….”The performance is excellent and the dancers manage to find the quality of movement of each character, it is a pleasure to watch this dance that reminds us that we are human”

(About Johan Inger)…., Ruth Eshel, Dance Diaries, 14.03.2022


LEGENDS” was invited to the best theatres in the Israel for the season 22-23, the last chance to watch it in the current season us in  Susan Dellal Tel Aviv: 20.6, 4.7.