PERPETUAL MOTION – a short dance film by Micha Smith, free streaming online soon!

Inside a bar, young souls are hidding their secrets... Smith's story is Inspired by "Cleared for Love" .

Perpetual Motion is a short, dance-art film that explores relationships, sexuality, love and loneliness. The film is a single, fluid shot that moves around a crowded bar, landing on different couples and individuals whose inner worlds are suddenly manifested through dance. While a bar is a place of conversation, those conversations are often just the outer layer of a rich emotional world that can include love, anger, passion, and loneliness. It is the subtext behind an ordinary evening in a bar that becomes the multiple stories of Perpetual Motion.

Director Micah Smith approached choreographer Tamir Ginz after he had visited Kamea Dance Company’s performance and admired Ginz’s “cleared for Love”. He offered to cooperate in the making of this film. The result received great reviews and was screened at some of the most valued dance festivals worldwide including The San Francisco International Dance film Festival.

In a time when art can be enjoyed only at home, we are honored to share this beautiful experience with you, streaming free online for the very first time.

NOTE: Restricted viewing to adalts over 18 years old. 

Directed by Micah Smith

Choreography by Tamir Ginz

Director of Photography Gil Ramon

Original Score by T.J. Keanu Tario

Based on the original dance “Cleared for Love” by Kamea Dance Company

Shot on location courtesy of Zalame- Cocktail Bar in Beer sheva.



Producer: Miriam Smith
Associate Producer: Ezra Ani
Assistant Director: Gabriela Mischel
Steadicam Operator: Nir Bar
Camera Assistant: Demian Tzatzkin
Gaffer: Noam Huber
Assistant Gaffer: Haim Kahlon
Makeup: Hadas Sinai
Production Assistant: Marty Weisel

Colorist: Jason Knutzen

Visual Effects: Eli Veffer

Sound Design & Mixing: Mitch Clyman, Muso Productions Ltd.

Saxaphone: John Holmgren
Trumpet: Evan Wendell
Drums: Nikko Salvador

Audio Engineer: Danmichael Reyes
Music Mixer: Danmichael Reyes

Music recorded at The California Institute of the Arts Digital Recording Studio

Music mixed at The Pie Studios

Kamea Dance Company
Artistic Director: Tamir Ginz
Executive Director: Merav Zimand
Rehearsals Director: Eliana Ferdman, Eyal Ganon
International Relations: Sonia Liebermann

Dancers: Ofek Admoni, Sagi Baleli, Noa Dahan,
Tom David, Marco De Alteriis, Lorris Eichinger,
Eldar Elgrably, Noam Ephron, Einav Kringel, Lou Landré,
Alma Lauer, Rona Lerner, Peter Starr, Elliott Thompson,
Adi Avitan, Jonatan Bukschtein, Roni Sheps

Michal Gordon, Marty Weisel, Shkedia Zeff

Location provided by Zalome ACB

Special Thanks to:
David Kalinchev, Dror Parola, Yonatan Allouche,
Sefi Ziv, Zingarela, Gershom Smith, Ian Carleto

The official trailer: