Tamir Ginz is creating a new work for the company to celebrate Kamea’s 20th anniversary

WILD AWAKE is an adventure of optimistic escapism - world premiere 23

For the last few weeks, we have been waiting to share with you that Tamir Ginz is currently creating intensively in the studio in preparation for a new premiere for the company.

We waited 3 years… Ginz’s successful work “Rage” came on stage almost two years ago at the end of the corona lock downs, but in fact it was created even before the Covid crisis and thus the company’s repertoire plans kept getting postponed.

Now the preparations are underway for a world premiere entitled “WILD AWAKE”, performed by 16 of the company’s dancers. To celebrate Kamea’s 20th anniversary Ginz creates a surreal fantasy of daydreaming seeking happiness, drifting through hidden hopes, passions, personal memories, unreachable fantasies, and true love. WILD AWAKE is an adventure of escapism governed by a conscious stream of thoughts, craving optimism.

Avi Belelli, Israeli celebrated musician and Ginz’s creative partner for the last decade, writes and performs the music, Aviad Arik Herman, who was the first dancer in Kamea (alongside Ginz in “Secret Garden” 20 years ago) and later became a designer with an international career was entrusted with the design of the costumes and the stage and Shay Yehudai with the magic of lighting.

Festive debut gala performances:

21.2 Mishkan for performing arts in Beer Sheva

23.2 Motzkin Theater

1.3 Herzliya Performing Arts Center

13.3 Yad Shetrit Cultural Theatre, Tiberias

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Rehearsal Photos: Eli Katz