Tamir Ginz was invited to Korea to serve as jury and teach in the biggest professional dance competition in the world

Tamir Ginz, the artistic director and choreographer of Kamea Dance Company, was invited to South Korea to take part in the largest dance event for professional dancers in the world held from 17-21.9.22. This year the competition   Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition held as an initiative of Korea Dance Association in cooperation with the Chinese government invited six international judges from Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Germany with Ginz representing Israel, as the artistic director of Kamea. To the competition applied 831 dancers from 33 countries in the world, hundreds made finals and took the stage in the magnificent hall of the Arts Center in Cheonan to be judged in categories according to their age. The competition prizes are in the categories of pre-juniors, juniors and seniors, divided for males and females respectively. Apart from prizes, the competition is also known in Asia because the male dancer who wins the senior competition receives a full exemption from the mandatory military service in Korea, a fact that drives hundreds of Korean men to train intensively from a young age in order to be released from military service.

For the past three years, the event has been held in collaboration with DANCE PLANNER – a Korean government company whose role is to mediate for Asian dancers from jobs abroad, and thus alongside the competition, the guest artistic directors were invited to hold auditions and teach master classes to the participants. Ginz says that the response to the workshops of his Kamea’s repertoire was phenomenal and the exposure of hundreds of talented young people to the company work was exciting:

“Dozens of dancers approached me after the meetings as they are so interested in dancing for Kamea Dance Company.  The exoticism of Israel and Be’er Sheva which I described, along with our unique movement materials, fascinated them. They really want to come and work with us. When you watch these hundreds of dancers in the competition, from children to 30-plus years old – it just unbelievable… they have Physical and acrobatic abilities that we simply do not encounter in the West, these are dancers with phenomenal talent, high and strong technique and complete dedication to the cause at unimaginable levels, nothing here is similar to the standard of the West, it is a parallel world. I was honored to be on the jury alongside 3 directors of companies that I respect and we made wonderful friendships: Daniel Cardozo from Quarum Ballet in Portugal, Giuseppe Spota from Mir Dance Company and Sergey Vanaev from the ballet company “Theatre Plauen-Zwickau“, both from Germany. To represent the company, the country and Beer Sheva, to see the Israeli flag at my side abroad, this made me proud. I am sure that the relationship between Kamea and Korea will only grow stronger. 

I would like to thank Kim Dong-Uk, CEO of Asia Dance Audition and Dance Planner and Hyejune Park for inviting me and the wonderful hospitality and friendship”.