Nice to Meet You

Tamir Ginz

Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer


After completing his dance training In Israel and abroad, Tamir Ginz performed with the Haifa Ballet, and was a dancer in the Batsheva Dance Company under the artistic direction of Ohad Naharin (1991-1992).

Ginz was the resident choreographer for the Bat-Dor Dance Company in Tel-Aviv and the main contemporary dance teacher in the Bat – Dor studios of Dance (1991-2001). His first creation for Bat-Dor, Platform 1, won him the 1997 Albert Gaubier award for choreography in Denmark.  In 2002 he left Bat-Dor Tel-Aviv to establish KAMEA Dance Company with Daniella Schapira.

Ginz work combines an intriguing dance movement style and a personal statement that produce strong dramatic pieces. His works moved audiences worldwide: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Panama, India, Cyprus, Lithuania, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Bulgari and China.

Ginz returned to the stage to dance with with Kamea in “Secret Garden” and “Limelight”.

Ginz won a B.A. degree in English Linguistics and Literature and Sociology from The Haifa University and A teaching diploma for dance from The Kibbutz State Seminar College. Ginz taught contemporary dance in many of israel’s leading schools, He was the founder and director of the dance department at the “Blich High School” in Ramat-Gan (1997-2013). In September 2014 he joined the faculty of Israel’s leading dance department at “Telma Yalin National School for The Arts”.

Ginz won the award of The Israeli Ministry of Culture’s outstanding “Zionist” creativity in Arts, in the field of dance, 2014 & 2015.


Platform 1 (1997)
Epikouros (1999)
Yalkut (2000)
Falafel (2001)
Secret Garden (2003)
Platforms (2004)
Limelight (2005)
The Naked Truth (2007)
Carmina Burana (2007)
Play it by Chaplin (2008)
Srul (2010)
Status (2012)
Mozart 10 (2013)
Bamidbar Devarim (2014)
Red Sky (2015)
Gleech (2015)
Neverland (2016)
Clear for love (2017)
St. Matthaus Passion 2727 (2017)
Mnemosyne (2018)
DanceDanceDance (2018)
RAGE (2020)