The Air is Standing – Premiere! Our Dancers creating for this time…

Free online streaming in 4K of our new digital piece from 10.10-1.11.20. - We will highly appreciate your donation to support the company's creativity in this time of need- find link below.

This is a new creation where video plays with dance and produces a contemporary, young and groundbreaking visual experience.

The Covid 19 virus froze our artistic path. We felt a need to create something new that will be available for our audiences throughout this difficult time. Artistic Director Tamir Ginz invited the dancers to create short works infused by their emotions at this time. They were given freedom to make diverse works but were asked to fall somewhere in line with the company’s style.

The two month creative process results were 8 short works, choreographed in arena 4D concept, set to original music.

The pieces were joined together in a multi-dimensional project “The air is standing”, a cooperation of the company with musician Nadav Azulay, whose music sets a common ground to all creations, and video artist Gil Nemet. This cooperation is purely Beer Sheva Based.

The digital work creates a symbiosis between dance, video and music. Gil Nemet was given a free hand to direct the photography and edit the result to make a new experience for the viewers, a renovated dance photography which is young and multi layered, to make something new rather than document dance.

The shooting took place in September 2020 at the empty Beer Sheva Center for The Arts, where the air is standing still.

Creating Dancers:

Sagi Balely, Tom David, Rayan Diallo, Yannis Dunouau, Yuval Koren,

Vladislav Panasyuk, David van der Veen, Lara Villegas.


Lighting: Shay Yheuday- “Orot”.


We hope to perform “The Air is Standing” live in intimate studio “arena” performances as soon as it will be allowed.


Photos: Limor Frumerman


Please help us het through this...

Kamea DIGIDANCE is our free offering to you due to the Coronvirus crises. Still we will highly appreciate any donation to help us keep our dance alive.

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The Air is Standing- watch in 4K