Bat -Dor Beer- Sheva

Come dance in the L&L Goodman Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center – the official school of the Kamea Dance Company!
Come dance in the L&L Goodman Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center – the official school of the Kamea Dance Company!

The L&L Goodman Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva School, the largest and most prestigious of its type in Israel for the teaching of the art of dance, was established in 1973 by Ms. Aliza Wolf in affiliation with Bat-Dor Tel-Aviv, the Beer-Sheva Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Since August 2015 the school is directed by Mr. Or Abohav.

Pupils in the lower grades learn classical ballet and music, while pupils in the advanced classes learn classical ballet, various styles of contemporary dance, classical and contemporary repertoire, jazz and the history of dance.

Over the years Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva has trained dozens of dancers who are to be found throughout Israel and the world in professional dance companies and schools. Some of our graduates perform in well-known dance companies in Israel and the world. Others have taken teaching positions after retiring from the stage or have turned directly to teaching dance.

During its existence over 11,000 pupils have studied in the school.

Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva’s uniqueness lies in its ability to allow for 2 dance tracks, seemingly different, to function together. On the one hand the school caters to pupils who see themselves turning to the dance world as a way of life and are interested in receiving training towards this goal, while on the other hand it accepts pupils who simply want to dance as a hobby as long as they can.

Today almost two thirds of the school’s teachers come from its graduates: Gali Ronen, Or Abuhav, Maya Schapira, Tova Tschaikovsky and others.

Among the school’s graduates who danced or dance in Israel and the world we can list:

Rafi Saadi – Ballet Cullberg Sweden, assistant of the choreograph Mats Ek
Shimon Kalichman – The Royal Ballet
Lior Lev – Stuttgart Ballet

Amir Levy – New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet
Aviad Herman – Gothenberg Opera Ballet
Leah Yanai – Gothenberg Opera Ballet
Sivan Barkai – Ballet de Monte Carlo
Netanel Balaish – Broadway New York, winner of “Born to Dance 3”
Gili Neria & Lior Horev – The Israeli Ballet
Dani Eshel, Oz Mulai, Anat Oz, Eyal Dadon – The Kibbutz Dance Company, and more.

Since the establishment of the Kamea Dance Company, many of the school’s graduates have become dancers in the company. Among the graduates who worked in kamea were : Shlomi Miara (winner of the 2013 Mia Arbatova Dance Competition), Hila Dekel, Lena Fraifeld and Eyal Ganon.

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