The Kamea in the Community Project

Excellence in dance – the Kamea in the Community Project

With the support of the Beer Sheva municipality and Makhteshim ADAMA (ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.)

For the third year of the project, the Kamea Dance Company welcomes teenagers from Beer Sheva that are involved in various dance study programs.

The “Kamea in the Community” project exposes students of various dance programs in the city of Beer Sheva to professionalization in dance, while offering the students the tools to decipher the language of dance. The project promotes the building of bridges and of cooperation between various dancing communities in the city. The students have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their dance education both from the theoretical perspective, as well as from the practical.

The project includes eight yearly meetings at the Cebrin Goodman studios in the Kamea Dance Company home. The meetings include ballet classes and modern dance classes with senior dance teachers and with dancers of the Company. Additionally, the students get to experience the language of the Company in repertory classes and receive enrichment classes in a variety of dance styles like Gaga, Hip-Hop or Capoeira. The program also includes lectures on the prevention of injuries, stage makeup, etc.

Meeting our professional dancers gives the students the opportunity to better understand the way of life of a dancer, the steps that are necessary for developing a professional career as well as the work and creation process involved in being part of a dance company.

The project’s highlight, the “white night” is dedicated to creation, personal expression and improvisation. During this happening, Kamea hosts creation workshops of selected independent choreographers from all around the country.

The project participants are invited to view Kamea Dance Company’s performances that take place in Beer Sheva, having the opportunity to meet with the choreographer for a unique preparatory get-together.