Amit Hed

Amit Had, born in 2002, grew up in Rehovot, Israel.

He began studying at the School of Dance in Ness Tziona, continued to middle school in the Katzir dance program (2016-2014) and the dance program at Thelma Yelin High School (2016-2019) directed by David Dvir at the time.,

He deepened his studies in the framework of professional dance under the direction of Eli Lazar schooling.

In 2014 and 2016 he participated in the summer course of the American Academy of Ballet with a partial and full scholarship, respectively.

Winner of the Keren Sharet America- Israel Foundation scholarship for classical dance in 2019.

Amit danced in the Kibbutz Dance Company 2 for two seasons (2020-2022).

Amit joined Kamea Dance Company as a dancer in August 2022.

“I joined Kamea out of interest in the wide variety of the repertoire and the different materials we perform, and the great space Kamea gives the dancer to express and explore himself as an artist and performer. Kamea is one of the largest and most interesting groups in Israel today and I am proud to be a part of it, and feel fortunate for the privilege I have been given to dance alongside such talented and good dancers, and to perform the material of some of the most innovative and interesting creators working of our time.”