Einav Kringel

Einav was born in Kibbutz Beeri in 1996.
She started her training in the Galili at Misgav Dance Studio and graduated from the dance department at “REUT high school for the arts” in Haifa.
Einav served in the IDF as a distinguished dancer.
She graduated from “Bikury Haitim professional dance trainee course”, 2016.
In the 2016-17 seasons she danced at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2.

Einav joined Kamea Dance Company as a dancer from August 2017.

“Kamea is a place of growth and fulfillment… The unique choreography presents challenging materials to be shared with my versatile collogues. This makes the company very appealing and enables me to fulfil my dance vocation. I am proud to be part of Kamea Dance Company”.