Tom David

Born at Kibbutz Ashdot Yakov Ihud in 1992.

Tom studied at the Ballet school of Emek Hayrden for thirteen years.
After her service in the IDF as a sports trainer she continued her dance training at the SADNA in Kibbutz Gaaton.
At the 2014-15 season Tom was a dancer at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2.

Tom Joined Kamea as a dancer at September 2015.

 “I find Kamea to be the only Israeli company that keeps developing the dancers’ technique throughout the professional career. The company has a wonderful caliber of dancers, challenging works and a “family” like atmosphere. But I am most grateful to be part of Kamea because of Tamir’s rich movement vocabulary and the fact that he always makes us face new challenges. His creations go straight through one’s heart…”