Vladislav Panasyuk

Born in the Ukraine in 1998, moved to Israel at age 3.

Vladik started out in ballroom dancing and competed in the AIDA union of ballroom and Latin-American dances for a few years. Following his desire to become a professional dancer he studied intensively for a year and a half in The Bat Dor Beer Sheva Dance School and was then offered an apprenticeship with Kamea Dance Company in August 2018.

Vladik participated in SIBA dance course in Salzburg in the summer of 2018 and won The America- Israel award grant for contemporary dance for 2018/19.

Vladik was promoted to a dancer in Kamea Dance Company from January 2019.

 “Kamea inspired me to pursue a career in contemporary dance. Tamir Ginz’s combination of movement materials, his sensitivity and the amazing technique of the dancers create magic on stage that I am joyed to be part of. For me the company is a great place for growth and personal expression and an amazing physical challenge. I feel that to be a dancer in Kamea is a rare achievement.”