Yannis Donouau

Yannis was born in Lyon- France, in 1997.
Yannis’ mother, a teacher herself, taught him the principles of ballet throughout his childhood. He practiced mainly high leveled gymnastics in many competitions and several French championships, within finally choosing art as his destiny. In 2016-18, he studied in Atelier Rudra Béjart in Switzerland. Afterwards, he got the opportunity to keep training in ballet with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.
Following his graduation he worked with De Dutch Don’t Dance Division in Den Haag and with the Compagnie Illicite Bayonne with choreographers Fábio Lopez, Nils Christe and Miguel Ramahlo.

Yannis joined Kamea as a dancer in August 2019.

“Kamea Dance Company gives me the possibility to refine the quality of my movement. To me, dancing is linked to the universe. It combines matter, space, time and all these energies which are beyond us. And I have in mind that Tamir Ginz, through his vocabulary, is able to guide me further on the path to the personal fulfillment…”