Zoe Bayliss Nagar

Zoe Bayliss Nagar was born in Tel Aviv in 2001.

In 2018 she graduated from the dance track of Ironi Alef High School for The Arts in Tel Aviv, directed by Dalit Harmaty Ben David, Zoe was trained simultaneously at The Ballet school of Lee Arbel and Rose Subel Kasel.
Zoe joined Kamea Dance Company as an apprentice in August 2019 and was promoted to dancer in 2021.

“I am glad and proud to be part of Kamea. Tamir succeeded in building a company with a strong and unified technique that is highly appreciated. The company arrives at every show with a clear message and call for passion, depth and meaning, this comes through in our performance. I feel that in the company I can express myself and my love for dance fiercely and truthfully”.