• RAGE - By Tamir Ginz World premiere –2021

    In "RAGE" Tamir Ginz touches on the different faces of violence that rocks our lives and the forces that navigate between realities to the surreal

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  • Kumzitz – by Tamir Ginz / World Premiere 2021

    The work is set in a 360° ring concept. In “Kumzitz”, the audience is invited to a celebration of tradition and ritual. The Middle Eastern landscapes, human and physical, equally inspire Ginz’s dance language and the brilliant choice of music.

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  • Matthaus Passion 2727

    A choreography by Tamir Ginz inspired by the St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244) of Johann Sebastian Bach, which is considered sacred in the Christian world.

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  • Bamidbar Devarim

    After all his previous works dealt with episodes from his inner life, Tamir Ginz has turned outwards this time, to the desert's physical and human landscape as a source of inspiration. RENEWED PRODUCTION 2019.

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  • Gleech

    A hit show for teenagers and for the young in spirit.

    It's a dynamic and clorful homage by Ginz to "high school musicals" and popular dance films from the 80's.

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  • Dance Dance Dance

    A show for the whole family inspired by TV reality talent programs.

    The setting for the work is a dance competition where 4 finalists compete to be named "The Dance Floor Champion". The choreography is in constant dialogue with "documentary" videos and dance videos and the audience is invited onstage to actively participate in the performance.

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  • Mnemosyne

    2018 world premiere by Tamir Ginz to celebrate Kamea's 15 anniversary.

    Memories build and memories destroy, memories chase and memories fade…

    Where did I come from and where do I end, how can I belong?

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  • Carmina Burana

    A ritual of senses, love and erotica gives new and earthly interpretation to Orffs' music. The dance although abstract, interprets the songs in a modern way.

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  • TWO

    Kamea Dance company is proud to present a masterpiece by Nacho Duato, one of the most important and appreciated choreographers of our era and a new work by artistic director Tamir Ginz.

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  • Neverland

    The work is a fantasy inspired by real events that takes place somewhere… in a place beyond the edge, on the day after.

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