• Beautiful Madness - Premiere 2019

    A triple bill evening presenting works by two guest international choreographers: Itzik Galili & Marco Goecke

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  • Mnemosyne

    2018 world premiere by Tamir Ginz to celebrate Kamea's 15 anniversary.

    Memories build and memories destroy, memories chase and memories fade…

    Where did I come from and where do I end, how can I belong?

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  • St. Matthew Passion 2727

    A choreography by Tamir Ginz inspired by the St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244) of Johann Sebastian Bach, which is considered sacred in the Christian world.

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  • Gleech

    A hit show for teenagers and for the young in spirit.

    It's a dynamic and clorful homage by Ginz to "high school musicals" and popular dance films from the 80's.

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  • Bamidbar Devarim

    After all his previous works dealt with episodes from his inner life, Tamir Ginz has turned outwards this time, to the desert's physical and human landscape as a source of inspiration.

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  • Carmina Burana

    A ritual of senses, love and erotica gives new and earthly interpretation to Orffs' music. The dance although abstract, interprets the songs in a modern way.

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  • TWO

    Kamea Dance company is proud to present a masterpiece by Nacho Duato, one of the most important and appreciated choreographers of our era and a new work by artistic director Tamir Ginz.

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  • Neverland

    The work is a fantasy inspired by real events that takes place somewhere… in a place beyond the edge, on the day after.

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