Dance Dance Dance – for the whole family !

A show for the whole family inspired by TV reality talent programs.

 The setting for the work is a dance competition where 4 finalists compete to be named “The Dance Floor Champion”. The choreography is in constant dialogue with “documentary” videos and dance videos and the audience is invited onstage to actively participate in the performance.

The humoristic narrative cynically exploits the popular ‘reality genre” format to create an attractive introduction to dance for teenagers.


Choreography: Tamir Ginz

Dermatologist and director: Yoav Michaeli

Music coolage edited at Jungle sound Studios.

Costumes: amalia Yakir

Lighting: sgay Yehudai

Video art: Pavel Dibrov

Text: Tamir Ginz & Yoav Michaeli

Narrator: Yair Nagid

Additional Choreography: ballet- Bernd Burgmaeir , Hip Hop- Gabi Zefania.