Kumzitz – by Tamir Ginz / A ring arena performance celebration for the whole family

Tamir Ginz’s new creation “Kumzitz” is designed for an intimate location. The work is set in a 360° ring concept.  In “Kumzitz”, the audience is invited to a celebration of tradition and ritual. The Middle Eastern landscapes, human and physical, equally inspire Ginz’s dance language and the brilliant choice of music. Highlights from Ginz’s trademark works “Bamidbar Devarim” and “Mnemosyne”, have been reworked into a 360° scene alongside with new materials. Kumzitz, is a work that brings us back together, literally… It is intended to unite the viewers, even for one hour of bliss. Just like it used to be…


Choreography: Tamir Ginz

Music: Collage. (Original music by Avi Balleli, Traditional music, Geromattics, Yarden Peleg and Static)

Costume Design: Amalia Yakir

Duration: 50 minutes

The creation was made with the support of Beracha Foundation

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