Mnemosyne by Tamir Ginz

2018 world premiere celebrating Kamea's 15 anniversary

Memories build and memories destroy, memories chase and memories fade… Where did I come from and where do I end, how can I belong?

The work deals with the issue of collective identity, community and heritage, celebrations and rituals in conflict with the personal identity that is shaped by individual memories, because one cannot force a common narrative…

This is the third cooperation between choreographer Tamir Ginz and musician Avi Belleli in which they shape a unique statement and further develop Ginz’s intriguing passionate movement vocabulary for Kamea Dance Company




Original music: Avi Belleli
Dramatic consultant: Yoav Michaeli
Costumes: Inbal Ben Zaken
Stage design: Adam Keller
Lighting: Shay Yehudai