A beautiful and fruitful evening


 In the Praises of Beauty – “Beautiful Madness”: Itzik Galili and Marco Geocke Performed by the Kamea Dance Company: A beautiful and
fruitful evening

Tamir Ginz, the choreographer and artistic director of the Kamea Dance Company, continues to show determination and ambition. Respectively, “Beautiful madness”, a program in which three works by two international artists, emphasize the professional look and creativity commitment to the viewer’s eye.

The work of Itzik Galili “PEELED” makes the very concept of “style” the facade of everything. In repetitive movements of motion in different compositions, Galili created a lexicon of self-conscious expressiveness. The quick, repetitive moves create a work that deals with physical strength, endurance, tightening and bonding versus the exaltation and downs, the momentum of the line, and the relationship between bodies and space. The string of solo pieces and short duets created encounters between the geometric and organic forms included in them.
It’s a pity that the dancers were unable to withstand the demanding physicality throughout the work.

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White – Another work by Galili, a duet that quickly coalesces between a dancer with glasses, pants with suspenders and a flexible, impudent and temperamental dancer with red shoes. They fall and rise, subdued and defeated with virtuosic light and humor, almost mechanical. The result is not something deep, rather – something sweet, a non-metaphors love story.

NICHT (Nothing, in German) of the rising star choreographer Marco Geocke is a completely different story. In the void, the dancers stand with their exposed upper body, their main movement being with a quick flutter of hands and arms. They look like hummingbirds, that tiny bird that can hover in the air, in the same place, by a very swift flutter of wings. A work full of internal connections and connections between the work and the circumstances of its creation, but not in a way that forces itself on the viewer but depends on his sensitivity, curiosity and education. All in all, it is a beautiful, stable and productive evening.


Review from “Yediot Achronot”- print”, Anat Zacharia, july 2019