Matthäus 2727 reinterpreted

The dancers of the Kamea Dance Company from Israel provided impressively great entertainment. The lightshow had its contribution to this as well. (…) The 14 dancers retold the updated story (of the St Mathhew Passion) by means of contemporary dance. They adjurned to the future, the year 2727, exactly 1000 years after the premiere of the original piece. (…) The plot was re-interpreted highly emotionally with references to the present times.  (…)

With long-lasting standing ovations, respect has been paid for a hopefully recurring co-operation: A Jewish artist respectfully engages with Christian traditions, mudleing them up without doing them damage. “Acceptance” and “tolerance” were key words tonight. For without them, two cultures could not have been as harmonious as they were on this evening.

Review by Hartmut Sassenhausen, Wuppertaler Zeitung