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Keep our dance alive...!

Kamea is devoted to quality artistic creation that is accessible to a variety of audiences as well as to diverse educational work and community involvement.

Substantial resources are necessary in order to support the ongoing activities, the production of new artistic works, the physical care and the advancement of our dancers who are our most precious resource and the development of educational projects.

The fact itself that the company is active in the south, in Beer Sheva – the capital city of the south, presents additional and unique challenges.

In order to continue developing, contributing to the community in the whole country and particularly in the Negev, to nurture young talents and to ensure the future activity of the Kamea Dance Company, we need your contribution.

From physiotherapy treatments to support in the production of new artistic works, any and every contribution is very important for us.


With every donation of your choice you will join the “Friends of the Kamea”, who enjoy the following benefits:

– We respond to every donation with a personal thank you letter, signed by all staff

– An invitation for two to the yearly premiere performance of the Kamea Dance Company (for a cumulative yearly contribution over 500 NIS / 150 USD)

– An invitation for two to a performance of your choice at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv (over 300 NIS/100 USD)

– The Friends of the Company will be invited yearly before the premiere to a personal meeting with the Company. The meeting will take place in our studios and it will include an artistic dialogue with the artistic director and with the dancers, as well as watching one of the final rehearsals and refreshments.

The Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center is a nonprofit organization. It is possible to receive a written confirmation of the contribution, for tax deduction purposes.

If you wish to have personal conversation with us about options for supporting Kamea, please contact us at Anna Makarov [email protected].

  • "Digidance" donation for help in the Coronavirus crises

    Any contribution in this time of need is welcome! Open your heart and keep our dance alive...

    For donation
  • Ballet shoes for a dancer

    150 NIS / 45 USD

    For donation
  • Physiotherapy treatment

    250 NIS / 70 USD

    Physiotherapy treatment for a dancer

    For donation
  • Workshop for all the dancers

    600 NIS / 180 USD

    Workshop for all the dancers with a guest teacher to enrich their training

    For donation
  • Support for a new production

    2500 NIS / 700 USD

    this donation will buy credited in the festive evening program of the show

    For donation
  • Support for a performance

    4000 NIS / 1100 USD

    Support for a performance of the Company for youth from the periphery of Israel

    For donation
  • Annual training scholarship

    5000 NIS / 1400 USD

    Annual training scholarship for an apprentice with the Company

    For donation
  • Patron of the company

    from 10,000 NIS/3000 USD

    includes listing in all programs, friends of Kamea benefits as well as participating in the company opening season party

    For donation